Reetsweet Neo Craft Fair

On Sunday, the Leeds Corn Exchange was filled with unique crafts from some of the best local artists and designers at the Reetsweet Craft Fair.



Tasty treats at Headingley Farmers’ Market

Held on the second Saturday of the month at the Rose Garden near the Arc, the Headingley Farmers’ market offers fresh local produce, eggs, meats, cheeses, pastries and much more! Eating and buying local means that you care about where your food comes from, want to support local businesses and can be cheaper than buying from your supermarket. Check out these tasty treats from the latest farmers’ market.

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Losada explains “How to get published” at Headingley LitFest

Isabel Losada commanded an audience of creative writers, aspiring poets and novelists at Heart on Wednesday night as she gave advice, drawing from her own hardships in striving to become a published author. Continue reading

Salary Survey for Creative jobs in Yorkshire 2010

 Gloss Creative Recruitment’s Salary Survey 2010 – Representing Yorkshire’s finest talent


For us, January 2010 was a welcome relief after the negative effects of 2008 /2009. It was almost as though everyone took a deep breath over Christmas and we all came back with a much more positive and determined outlook. This has certainly been reflected in the amount of recruitment activity within our sector.

Gloss specialises in the Creative sector and one of the biggest trends we spotted this year was the huge rise in digital requirements – specifically Web design and Search. Where companies had been holding off on expanding and trying to make current staff numbers work, the damns finally burst resulting in a large amount of hiring and a great deal of movement in the area – especially at the Middleweight level.

Towards the middle of the year we have seen more of a move away from the delivery side (designers and developers) to the account handling and marketing aspects. As 2010 moves on, those of us that survived the torrent are now moving forward to look towards bigger market share…


Key trends:

1. Full service agencies growing their digital presence

2. Digital account handlers in high demand with low availability

3. SEO and PPC vacancies soar as new search agencies open in Leeds


Digital Account Handlers      
Position     Typical Max  
Account Executive   £17k £25k  
Account Manager   £26k £35k  
Account Director   £37k £45k  
SEO /PPC executive   £19k £25k  
SEO /PPC Manager   £26k £36k  
SEO /PPC Director   £40k+  


Digital Creatives      
Position     Typical Max
Digital Director   £45k+
Junior Web Designer £17k £22k
MW Web Designer   £22k £27k
Senior Web Designer £28k £35k
Flash Designer   £25k £34k
PHP Web Developer   £22k £36k


Key Contact:

Ian Rigby

Graphic and Print Design

Key trends:

1. Due to large redundancies there has been a lot of candidate availability

2. Clients want very specific skills to hit the ground running

3. Salaries frozen or reduced depending on agency

4. Many graphic designers moving into digital training

5. Freelancers struggling and many turning permanent


Creative Roles        
Position     Typical Max  
Artworker (Junior)   £13k £16k  
Artworker (M’weight)   £17k £22k  
Artworker (Senior)   £22k £28k  
Studio Manager   £28k £33k  
Designer (Junior)   £14k £18k  
Designer (M’weight)   £19k £24k  
Designer (Senior)   £25k £32k  
Art Director (Junior)   £16k £18k  
Art Director (M’weight) £18k £28k  
Art Director (Senior)   £28k £40k  
Creative Director   £40k+    


Account Handlers      
Position     Typical Max
Account Executive   £15k £25k
Account Manager   £26k £35k
Account Director   £38k+
Client Services Director £45k+
Copywriter (junior)   £14k £20k
Copywriter (M’weight) £20k £28k
Copywriter (Senior)   £30k+
Project Manager   £22k £25k
Design Manager   £25k £35k


Key Contact:

Nicola Burbridge


The data summarised in this survey has been collated from Candidates and Clients that have registered with our agency and are based on actual paid salaries and client job specs. Please note that Gloss Creative Recruitment operates on Permanent positions both inhouse and agency only within Yorkshire.

For more information please visit or call us on 0870 321 9788