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It’s that time of year again when we are offering all clients – old and new – our annual 10% terms for any placements that are made from now until 4th February 2017.

We’ve had many great applications from talented candidates looking for a new beginning so give us a shout if you are looking to fill any roles within the creative / digital / marketing / pr sector.

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Gloss Creative Recruitment’s Salary Survey 2012

Gloss Creative Recruitment’s Salary Survey 2012

Representing Yorkshire’s finest talent


It’s that time of year again when we spend a good week analysing another year’s worth of candidate’s applications and salaries.  We always find it interesting producing our annual salary survey, this time collating information for applications of over 200 new job vacancies since November 2011!  We would like to share our findings, thoughts and reflections with you, our valued clients as we focus on the salaries across the digital / creative / Marketing and PR industry from November 2011 to November 2012.  We always like to receive your feedback on our efforts and hope this latest survey is of some use to you.

This year we have experienced a large surge in demand for more technical candidates with a huge emphasis on web developers rather than web designers. There has been a significant demand for good account handlers – the biggest trend being the need for digital and retail experience. This demand has slowed during the second half of the year making room for more design led positions but the only raise with regards to salaries came from the more technical coding roles.

There has been a much more varied mix of vacancies registered with Gloss Creative Recruitment as opposed to last year which was primarily dominated by digital positions. Print and traditional marketing has picked up along with a more even spread of industry sectors (last year was more about the retail sector). Retail has been more focused towards the “economical” brands with the luxury orientated brands working more on replacement roles.

We have also seen a much higher rise in the level of digital content roles this year with a marked trend towards digital copywriters, content management, and bloggers.

There has still been plenty of opportunity in search with a constant need for good SEO and PPC candidates but this time with permanent positions opening in CRO and Analytics. Once again the biggest change has been the rise in roles for good digital copywriters / bloggers with a good knowledge of content for SEO purposes.

Here at Gloss, we advertise all of our roles through the usual social media channels but still find that the best method of recruiting has been through the contact of our passive candidates (people on our database that might not be proactively looking for jobs but are open to suggestion). Whilst advertising still has its uses, the fact that we keep all of our applicants for future roles has definitely made the difference for those harder to fill vacancies.

The biggest trend of all for us this year has been the huge rise in ongoing (extendable) contract roles ranging from 1 to 6 months for the purpose of flexibility, control and overheads. Whilst this has its benefits, this does limit the options when it comes to getting the best of who is available (although for less technical roles this has not been a problem). It would seem that the economy is making long term vision something for the distant future!


Key trends:

1. Rise in technical, hand coding and back end development roles.

2. Much more stringent, 2-3 stage interview techniques as well as a rise in working trials.

3. Companies using short term contracts to fulfil requirements to the end of the year.



Web Design Min (K) Max (K) Ave (K) Most common name (John)
Junior Designer 15 22 19.50
MW Designer 20 32 24.19 Male 89%
Senior Designer 27 35 30.44 Female 11%
Front End Developers Most common name (Andrew)
Junior Developer 18 26 20.33
MW Developer 21 24 24.67 Male 100%
Senior Developer 25 32 29.88 Female 0%
Junior 15 24 18.83 Most common name (Richard)
Middleweight 19 35 25.75
Senior 20 40 30.29 Male 77%
Female 23%
Content 15 35 22.6 Most common name (Peter)
Male 64%
Female 36%
PHP Developers Most common name (Christopher)
Account Execs 16 25 19.63
Account Managers 20 35 28.14 Male 100%
Account Directors 30 60 39.17 Female 0%
Digital Marketing Most common name (Paul)
Exec 16.5 28 21.45
Manager 22 36 29.23 Male 73%
Director 35 75 48.00 Female 27%
Project Manager 23.5 43 30.69
PPC Most common name (Mark)
Junior 18 30 21.00
Middleweight 18 34 25.25 Male 75%
Senior 28 40 34.50 Female 25%

Graphic Design, Marketing and PR.

Graphic design within the print sector has made a healthy return this year – matching the level of digital roles we received for 2012. One of the most welcome changes has been the rise of junior level roles with companies showing a strong interest in the development of junior talent and longer term benefits. Unfortunately, salaries have still not risen, but the amount of redundancies and out of work middle weight to senior level designers has dropped significantly.

Our review shows that the average salary across the creative agency sector is very similar to that of 2011.  New roles have started to arrive due to some growth and strong designers have been moving out of the job market quite quickly. The graduate level market is still very tough, though this could be helped by university careers departments creating a minimum standard application course (e.g. all designers applications should come with a portfolio for a start!).

We have had a steady flow of marketing and communication roles this year on both agency and client side with an emphasis on the social marketing arena. Gloss Creative Recruitment has a varied mix of clients from the public sector through to retail but the common theme has been much more about creating content and delivering the message leading to the demand for more candidates with a deeper knowledge of social media trends and its applications.

Once again, with all our roles, the emphasis on local talent has been very high on the priory list with clients and candidates looking for smaller commutes and greater flexibility.  With salaries still remaining static, compensation has had to come in different forms including personal growth, a passion for the specific industry sector and culture fit.

Finally, we are very grateful for the amount of repeat business we have received from both our candidates and clients – our business mirrors that of the creative sector by gaining business via good customer satisfaction and communication. We have worked hard on providing a quality service with a complete feedback system and (most importantly) a continued commitment to the long term needs of our customers.


Key trends:          

1. Bounce back in demand for junior level designers although still very competitive at the straight graduate level.

2. Clients wanting more exposure to candidates via a longer interview process.

3. Salaries mainly frozen from the year before with more emphasis on non direct company benefits.

5. Rise in communications and marketing roles at the middleweight level with senior positions still thin on the ground.



Artworkers Min (K) Max (K) Ave (K) Most common name (John)
Junior artworker 14 19 16.50
MW Artworker 15 22 18.13 Male 77%
Senior Artworker 17 32 22.48 Female 23%
Studio Manager 20 30 27.25
Designers Most common name (Matthew)
junior Designers Agency 14 16 15.57
junior Designers Inhouse 15 24 17.91 Male 66%
MW Designers Agency 20 25 21.86 Female 34%
MW Designers Inhouse 20 30 22.93
Senior Designers Agency 23 30 26.69
Senior Designers Inhouse 23 32 25.75
Marketing (Agency) Most common name (David or Claire)
Account Execs 16 25 19.63
Account Managers 24 35 28.77 Male 50%
Account Directors 30 45 39.17 Female 50%
Marketing (Inhouse) Most common name (Sarah)
Exec 16 28 20.35
Manager 22 35 26.42 Male 34%
Director 35 50 45.00 Female 66%
PR Roles       Most common name (Sarah)
PR Executive 15 25 19.63
PR Manager 20 35 24.44 Male 8%
PR Director 35 50 40.71 Female 92%
Comms Manager 15 40 27.50
Copywriter 15 30 22.38 Most common name (Robert)
Male 50%
Female 50%


The data summarised in this survey has been collated from candidates that have registered with our agency within the last year and are based on actual salaries rather than the upper limit of client job specs. Please note that Gloss Creative Recruitment operates on Permanent and contract positions both Inhouse and agency only within the Yorkshire area.

For more information please visit www.glossrecruitment.com or call us on 0870 321 9788. For the official version email cvs@glossrecruitment.com