Tweet yourself to the shortlist now!

Maybe you already use Twitter to follow that trendy coffee shop down the street, or  are considering setting up an account for the first time. Whether you are a seasoned Tweeter or novice, utilising Twitter’s vast network, building your online persona, and following influential companies and individuals can hold the key to getting hired!

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Looking for a job? Start marketing yourself with LinkedIn!

Sure, you may be hardworking, dedicated, and creative, but so are many other applicants applying for the same jobs as you! Even if you have a brilliant portfolio sitting in your bookshelf, it will continue to collect dust until you distinguish yourself from those other applicants.

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Interview with the man at the top

As a busy recruitment agency, based in the heart of Leeds, the creative individuals at Gloss work tirelessly to ensure not only that their candidates find the perfect job, but that their clients are offered the broadest range of design talent.

At the helm of one of the region’s top recruitment agencies is Ian Rigby, a man that is not only passionate about design, but who also has years of experience within the creative sector. He took a few minutes out from his busy schedule to answer some questions that will hopefully provide many job hunters with a little guidance in this turbulant and uncertain economic period.

1. Gloss Creative Recruitment, could you please sum it up in five words?

Honesty, integrity, long-term (is that cheating?), networked and reliable.

2. The digital market is growing at an exponential rate; what advice would you give to those that have just graduated and are looking to take their first steps onto the career ladder?

Get some experience ASAP… and by experience I mean relevant, commercial experience. There is no excuse for not having the right experience on your CV today. Put yourself in the mind of the client and think about what you would look for if you were hiring a junior and what would differentiate the quality candidates from the less desirable.

Once you have an understanding that energy and enthusiasm are a given and that the more experience you have the more likely you are to hit the ground running and ultimately secure the job.

If you’re wondering where to go for the work experience, why not try working for your friends or local businesses that may have never considered the services of a designer. Under the guise of a company name, mould your CV into a professional, attractive piece of work, complimented by a varied portfolio of work. If you need further help give us a shout and our sister company, Creative Protege, would be more than willing to help.

3. For those that have come to Gloss with bags of experience, what would you advise them to do?

Be specific. Just like businesses that are flourishing at the moment, individuals will need to become masters of a specific trade to demand the best rates and rise above competition. Employers have choice at the moment, but they also have specific needs – the days of being an all round designer are gone, so go for niche and be great at it.

Remember to keep up with the latest skills, as the latest generation of design talent will always be snapping at your heels. It is essential that you manage your career effectively – better than Fabio Capello manages the England squad!

4. Many people are hesitant when it comes to using a recruitment agency for fear of poor service; how can you guarantee a smooth ride for someone thinking of using the creative guys at Gloss?

 As long as you have a recruitment agent that appreciates your passion and discipline, then I don’t think you can go too far wrong. Gloss is run for creatives by creatives. Therefore when you get in touch with us you can be rest assured that we understand your dream, and empathise with your frustration; whether you are unemployed, stuck in a job that bares no relevance to the degree you studied in or simply want more information about the service we offer so you can make an informed choice as to whether you would like to join us.

I personally feel it is better to find two or three good, honest and reliable recruitment consultants that you can relate to and work with. You need SPECIFIC results and here at Gloss we provide a personal service to ensure we help you into the job that you always knew you were capable of landing.

5. Unemployment is rife at the moment, to all those that are riding it out, what tips can you give them to remain an appealing option to employers?

It is simple: keep busy and stay positive. It is also essential that you talk to recruiters and get specific advice. Most importantly keep growing, through training or with work experience. It is easy to get caught in the rat race and forget what you are working for, but the recession has given people a good chance to reflect and think about what they want from their career. You have to remain proactive; your career is a marathon not a sprint.

 6. You must see countless CVs as a managing director to one of the region’s top recruitment agencies; do you care to divulge to the readers the secrets to a successful CV?

Definitely! As I mentioned earlier – be specific. Having a CV that covers all areas might be good if you are applying to small companies who want that type of candidate, but the trend is now that clients prefer individuals with tailored specific skill sets.

Keep up to date with any technological changes and maintain a clear portfolio of work. The most important part of your CV is what you are up to at the moment and if that doesn’t match up with your target role, then do something about it!

Thank you Mr Rigby, some wise words that all those seeking a creative profession should heed.

Look out for more interviews from the team at Gloss in the coming months!

What a month!

Well, what a month March has been.
Not only did we present Creative Protege at The Sage in Gateshead at Thinking Digital we have also been snowed under with enquiries about what talent we have on our books for some fantastic positions in the creative sector! (Oh, I forgot to mention, we have also entered the Recruitment Consultant Awards for Best Recruitment Innovation for Creative Protege. Hopefully the judges will appreciate our virtual agency that offers fresh talent the chance to gain valuable work experience and ultimately secure their dream job).
As for the event in Gateshead, Adam (that’s me!) ventured North a couple of weeks back and presented Creative Protege to graduates and students with creative ambitions. It was a pretty intense experience, but the guys hosting the event were amazing, and full of energy, so a big thanks to everyone that made it possible!
Ian (the MD and one of York’s most influential entrepreneur’s!) was called upon to divulge the secret of his personal success to an audience at York St John University. His knowledge was well received and no doubt he will be fulfilling more engagements of a similar nature in the very near future.
Watch out as Gloss’ website is soon to receive a makeover and we will also be compiling a newsletter…more of this and inspirational ideas to be posted very shortly!

Happy Birthday Creative Protege!

If you weren’t already aware Creative Protege is a sister company to Gloss Creative Recruitment, that offers design graduates the opportunity to gain essential work experience. The innovative business has just celebrated its first year of business, and Gloss would like to thank everyone for all their hard work-that includes the graduates who have contributed to a fantastic online portfolio of work!

Over the past year Creative Protege graduates have secured employment at top design agencies across the UK, enticed business from abroad, and even encouraged one graduate to establish his own business, Cookie PR, a digital PR agency in the heart of Sheffield.


We mustn’t forget to highlight the fact that we were recognised twice at the GoldenTwit Awards for our efforts in social media, and also our commendation at The Press Business Awards in November for ‘Best Link with Higher Education’.
This year will no doubt see more stunning work produced by dedicated graduates, with many going on to secure their dream jobs at top design agencies.


(Check out this example of a students (Matt Sypien) work below, or visit for more information and your chance to get involved).

Latest news update!

Top recruitment agency offers lifeline to SMEs
Press Release

Gloss Creative Recruitment has identified that sourcing top talent through the use of recruitment agencies should not simply be an option for large companies, but an opportunity open to smaller organisations.

The Leeds based agency has been focusing its efforts in the creative sector for 10 years, from design to blue chip companies, and is well aware of the costs that can be incurred by businesses using the services of recruitment agencies.

Ian Rigby, Managing Director of Gloss Creative Recruitment, said: “Recruitment agencies can offer a wide range of benefits to a client, although they come at a cost. We are all aware of how dire the economic climate is at the moment, and smaller organisations need to be catered for.”

The established team at Gloss have revised the service list that it offers its clients so that existing and new clients will see recruitment as an affordable, rather than a desirable option.

At £300 for a single job advert on one website for only 7 days, many companies can only imagine the rewards that online advertising would bring, but Gloss have created a simple solution to quash those financial worries.

“With 8 out of 10 candidates using online methods, we now offer our clients a package at a reduced rate that incorporates a range of top job sites for 28 days, including Reed and totaljobs. You also receive a personal account manager, who will write your advertisement for you.”

Not content with providing simple and cost effective advertising solutions, the innovative organisation created a sister company, Creative Protege, to help showcase graduate talent to clients. The result has been the creation of an outstanding portfolio of graduate work that allows clients to source their perfect candidate or gain extra creative resource for those that can’t afford freelancers.

“We are committed to helping SMEs – we realise that the majority of creative businesses have less than 10 employees. Through what we offer, I hope that more businesses will realise the the benefits of having access to the best people out there and what Gloss can do for them.”