Top tips for when you are starting your new job!

  •  First things first. Make sure you celebrate and tell your nearest and dearest! You’re about to undertake a new chapter in your life and that’s definitely worth marking. Make sure that you don’t plan it for the night before you start your new job as turning up hungover on your first day might not be the best first impression!
  • Revisit all that in-depth research you did before you went for your interview – it wasnt just for show as you’re going to be using it now… the blog and news sections will ensure you are up to date with all the latest goings on.
  • If you’re keen then you can send your future  boss a quick email and ask if there’s anything that you should be up to speed on before you start. There’s no better way to start a job and getting rid of those pre-starting nerves than by hitting the ground running.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile and social media requesting referrals  from your last employer and ex-colleagues: they are more likely to give you one now than in 6 months time.
  • Once you’re at the office make a real effort to learn everyone’s name and what they do. If you are going to become invaluable at your new job then its only going to be possible by getting on well with your new team!
  • In the first month concentrate on learning your new job inside-out and become dependable right away rather than trying to change things. If you think something could be done more efficiently after you have got the bigger picture then you’ll have a really clear idea of how and why.  Pushing people’s noses out in the first week is never advisable although its definitely good to ask questions.
  • Enjoy it! Your career is about personal growth for you too so be like a sponge, soak it all up and enjoy yourself!

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