Tasty treats at Headingley Farmers’ Market

Held on the second Saturday of the month at the Rose Garden near the Arc, the Headingley Farmers’ market offers fresh local produce, eggs, meats, cheeses, pastries and much more! Eating and buying local means that you care about where your food comes from, want to support local businesses and can be cheaper than buying from your supermarket. Check out these tasty treats from the latest farmers’ market.

Salt’s Pecan tart:

Rich caramelised pecans offered a substantially crunchy contrast to the delicious gooey centre. I found that there was distinct difference between the English and American version of this Southern treat. There was something very warm, and familiar about the taste of Salt’s filling. After googling some recipes, I found that where corn syrup is used in the US, golden syrup such as Lyle’s is used in the UK, giving the filling a depth that corn syrup could never achieve.

Salt’s butternut squash, chickpea & spinach filo parcels:

Sprinkled with sesame seeds, these parcels resemble samosas. However, as you tuck in, you’ll find layers upon layers of delicately fried filo pastry surrounding a lovely amalgamation of sweet butternut squash, tender chickpeas and spinach.

Salt’s almond croissant:

Generously topped with slivered almonds, this was a delicious treat with a cup of tea. The croissant had a rather cakey bottom which contrasted nicely with the rich buttery layers.

Salt’s arancini:

Because of their roundness and colour, arancini translates to “little oranges”. On the inside you’ll find rich risotto, creamy goat’s cheese and sweet spicy chili which all work together beautifully.


Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese butter:

This hand patted whey cream butter has a rustic texture, a slight saltiness and gorgeous buttery creaminess. This butter would be fantastic on toast or in an omelette and is only available at farmers markets.


Hebdens Seafoods Oak Smoked Garlic & Rosemary Mackerel

Hebdens mackerel has an irresistible smokey flavour combined with garlic and rosemary. Decently priced at £1.63, this fillet along with a jacket potato and garlic bread made for an indulgent meal.

Hebdens Seafoods
07941 419967

Churchview Farm duck eggs:

If you have never had duck eggs you are missing out. Priced at £1.60 for 6, these duck eggs are an affordable treat for breakfast. I found that the force necessary to break chicken eggs is too little for their harder, almost rubbery shell. I used two to make a french style omelette and found their taste delightful and more fluffier than chicken eggs.

Church View Farm
31 Church View
West Yorkshire

01924 250689 or 07785 232782

The Headingley Development Trust is always looking for volunteers to help set up the stalls. If this sounds like a great way to give something back you can email kim@headingleydevelopmenttrust.org.uk for more information.

Christina is a freelance copywriter with experience in social media who received a B.A. in English at the University of Louisville in 2009 and settled in the United Kingdom in 2010.


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