Tweet yourself to the shortlist now!

Maybe you already use Twitter to follow that trendy coffee shop down the street, or  are considering setting up an account for the first time. Whether you are a seasoned Tweeter or novice, utilising Twitter’s vast network, building your online persona, and following influential companies and individuals can hold the key to getting hired!

For those new to Twitter, it’s a social media platform that takes blogging a step further. Twitter enables you to tell the world what you’re thinking, join conversations, post links or whatever else you can dream of in a maximum of 140 characters.

As a job seeker or new grad it can be hard trying to convince yourself that you’re not just another number in a sea of others looking for work. However, you have more control over your destiny as you have the power to build your own online persona using social media.

Forget the saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” in the world of social media first impressions are everything! This starts with your professional username or Twitter handle. Just like a work related email address it’s best to use your full name or a variation of it. However, if you have a long name you may be hindered by the 15 character limit!

Also keep in mind that unless you have an uncommon name it’s likely that there are loads of other Joe Publics around. Don’t think you’re being innovative by using joepublic123 either, there’s a reason joepublic122, joepublic121 and so on are taken up. Instead, use this opportunity to be original and create a username that reflects the image you wish to portray.

Do you know what your best side is? In addition to a good username, a professional looking headshot as your avatar will resonate with those you follow, people following you, or potential employers looking for candidates. Of course, don’t forget to smile. Not only will your photo make you seem like a real person, a smile tells others you are friendly and approachable!

Another vital aspect of your Twitter profile is your bio. Like your summary paragraph for LinkedIn, your profile succinctly tells others exactly what kind of person you are. If you are struggling for ideas you can always look at other user’s bios for inspiration. Linking to your professional blog or LinkedIn profile can also make you more human to a potential employer.

When you think of your dream job, do you envision it at a particular company or agency? Why not follow them on Twitter? By telling them that they are important enough to follow, you may be getting some attention as well.

Instead of searching job sites, why not let the latest job opening tweets come to you? Here are some useful accounts to follow for up to date job postings:

  1. JobstodayUK – the latest jobs from
  2. GuardianCareers – expert advice for job seekers and grads
  3. Monsterjobs_uk – the latest jobs from
  4. GradYorksJobs –  the latest jobs from
  5. GJobsGraduate – The Guardian’s graduate job feed

Employers want to know that their employees and potential candidates aren’t just robots. Have fun expressing yourself through your tweets. However, don’t get too comfortable and tweet about overtly personal matters. Remember, your friends aren’t the only ones reading what you put out there!

Christina is a freelance copywriter with experience in social media who received a B.A. in English at the University of Louisville in 2009 and settled in the United Kingdom in 2010.


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