“Close Up” at Headingley LitFest

"Close Up" at Cafe Lento

Cafe Lento on North Lane was filled to the brim Tuesday night with eager listeners young and old as some of the best local wordsmiths in the area told their tales of lost love, embarrassment, nature, musical shortcomings, and rebellion. “Close Up” is a must for lovers of literature, aspiring or established writers, or just anyone who loves listening to a good story over a cup of coffee.

“Close Up” was the fourth event held at Cafe Lento for the fourth Headingley LitFest. Following this year’s theme of “A Sense of Self”, each speaker had less than 15 minutes to talk about a fascinating moment in their life.

Proprietor Richard Lindley was the first speaker of the night, describing how his life is still affected by the girl that got away.

Moira Garland read “Come the Revolution,” an adventurous reflection of fly-tipping in the 1970’s.

In “The Flying Drumstick and the Giggling Bunsen Burners,” Doug Sandle spun a fantastic yarn about his personal connections from Leeds to the Isle of Man, performing with Ivy Benson, his musical shortcomings, and his band’s link to The Who.

Taking an interesting spin on the theme, Mary Mayall spoke of life from the microcosmic perspective of a asphodel who lived in a bog.

Lis Bertolla recalled a hilarious account of discussing the Brontes over tea in Haworth with four difficult male clients during her time as a social worker.

Finally, in “Oliver”, Richard Wilcocks explained how he and his horse Oliver entertained the crowd goers at the Chester Mystery Plays.

As everyone indulged in wine and freshly brewed coffee in Cafe Lento’s warm and inviting atmosphere, “Close Up” proved to be a wonderfully entertaining and above all intimate night.

Christina is a freelance copywriter with experience in social media who received a B.A. in English at the University of Louisville in 2009 and settled in the United Kingdom in 2010.


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