Happy Chinese New Year!

Gung Hey Fat Choy to everyone out there! Its a special Chinese year for one of our directors – Ian Rigby – as he is half Chinese and was also born in the year of the Rabbit (1975 – old git!).

(February 3, 2011 – January 22, 2012)

In Rabbit years, life slows down. After the tumultuous and difficult Tiger year we lived through (or didn’t) in 2010, we all need to decelerate. Nature must have planned it. Give people a horrible Tiger year, full of war and pestilence, struggle, strife and illness. Then tender them a whole year to recover.

So let’s think of the Metal Rabbit Year as a 12 month long convalescent home for us troubled soldiers and hopeless cases. A recovery sanatorium for the unemployed and the over extended. Enter this Rabbit year on crutches and you will be comforted and cajoled, fed and clothed and perhaps even given a smashing new job.

(Taken from SuzanneWhite.com – for more click on: http://tinyurl.com/6anuxjg).

Wishing you all a great one (and if its anything like how January has been it definitely will be!)!




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