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New website home page

It has been quite exciting here at Gloss HQ over the last few weeks. Not only have we just launched our brand spanking new website (complete with freelance directory) but Gloss Engineering (www.glossengineering.co.uk) is going from strength to strength. Oh, how could we not mention our 555 followers on Twitter!

As the entire team at Gloss are immersed in the creative industry and educated in many aspects of design (whether they like it or not!) we like to stay at the forefront of design trends. We feel that our latest website does just that through its simplicity of allowing you to merely scroll down the page, offering you a rather special experience complimented by fantastic designs. Thanks to the creative minds at the design agency Nugenko (www.nugenko.com), it is as visually stunning as it is unique in its layout.


James Bastiman

James from Createinternet coding the back end

Because we get to see the different technology demands our clients make, we can’t help but pick up a few trends for ourselves. That’s why one of the biggest stimulants for the new site was to have it created in standards compliant HTML and CSS using one of the best freelancers we know – James Bastiman (www.createinter.net). James’ brief was to take the creative styling of the Nugenko team, have everything standards compliant, content manageable and not use much flash. The reason for this is because everyone around us at the moment is going SEO and PPC crazy (just check out how many roles we have in this sector at the moment).

As many of you may realise, whether it is launching work experience scheme or providing unrivalled customer service, here at Gloss we like to offer something that is rarely found elsewhere. Our new website is no different. By the way, if you are a talented freelance designer and want your name to be seen by some seriously high profile individuals, then why not try using our free online directory (http://www.glossrecruitment.com/#ncandidates2)? As the title of it suggests, it’s free and allows you to advertise your services. There is nothing like it in Yorkshire, so get in touch and get listed!

Finally a big thank you to all of you following us on Twitter, we like to keep it informative and a little quirky and we feel that with over five hundred followers we must be doing something right!

Gloss Website

Screen shot from our new site



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