When Gloss met James Caan…

Last Wednesday I had an interview with one of the most significant figures in recruitment, and following his own recruitment onto the television show ‘Dragons’ Den’ in 2007, one of the most popular entrepreneurs in the UK. The person in question is the self-made millionaire, James Caan.

As the PR guy for Gloss Creative Recruitment, I am fully aware of the concerns our clients have, and I was keen to ask him questions that could be of use to those that are suffering the consequences of the recession.

As an entrepreneur Mr Caan maintains that taking chances is still a key element to success in your career, although you do have to be realistic when it comes to priorities.

I discovered that recessions give way to more entrepreneurs than at any other time, and that Mr Caan applaudes this, as if you can succeed now, then your business can certainly flourish in a more prosperous economic climate.

I was extremely interested in finding out what he thought about CVs, and Mr Caan confirmed my suspicions. He acknowledged that if he were to receive a CV, he wouldn’t want a ‘rainforest’ but simply something telling him that you can do the job.

He would want to know that if you have been unemployed you have used the time for a specific purpose, and that this can contribute to the position you are applying for.

(Gloss Creative Recruitment has established Creative Protege to offer graduates the chance to gain 3 months work experience to achieve this, visit http://www.creativeprotege.com/ to find out more).

Mr Caan also mentioned highlighting yourself as an individual, and commented that key people can be targeted with post rather than by email. Scan and delete is an extremely easy option.

Therefore if you are a graduate with a burning desire to succeed, why not try creating an individually designed, tangible CV, complimented by an online portfolio?

In today’s job market, achieving a dream job in the creative sector is an increasingly difficult thing to do. Remember: think outside the box and use your time well.


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