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Top recruitment agency offers lifeline to SMEs
Press Release

Gloss Creative Recruitment has identified that sourcing top talent through the use of recruitment agencies should not simply be an option for large companies, but an opportunity open to smaller organisations.

The Leeds based agency has been focusing its efforts in the creative sector for 10 years, from design to blue chip companies, and is well aware of the costs that can be incurred by businesses using the services of recruitment agencies.

Ian Rigby, Managing Director of Gloss Creative Recruitment, said: “Recruitment agencies can offer a wide range of benefits to a client, although they come at a cost. We are all aware of how dire the economic climate is at the moment, and smaller organisations need to be catered for.”

The established team at Gloss have revised the service list that it offers its clients so that existing and new clients will see recruitment as an affordable, rather than a desirable option.

At £300 for a single job advert on one website for only 7 days, many companies can only imagine the rewards that online advertising would bring, but Gloss have created a simple solution to quash those financial worries.

“With 8 out of 10 candidates using online methods, we now offer our clients a package at a reduced rate that incorporates a range of top job sites for 28 days, including Reed and totaljobs. You also receive a personal account manager, who will write your advertisement for you.”

Not content with providing simple and cost effective advertising solutions, the innovative organisation created a sister company, Creative Protege, to help showcase graduate talent to clients. The result has been the creation of an outstanding portfolio of graduate work that allows clients to source their perfect candidate or gain extra creative resource for those that can’t afford freelancers.

“We are committed to helping SMEs – we realise that the majority of creative businesses have less than 10 employees. Through what we offer, I hope that more businesses will realise the the benefits of having access to the best people out there and what Gloss can do for them.”


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